Restaurant G.imi is located in Novi Sad, in Dunavska Street No. 19. It opened its doors for the first time in 2018 and already at the very beginning, it promised a completely new adventure of hedonism. At first, it was focused on Russian-Georgian cuisine, and after the turbulent period that befell us all during 2020, G.IMI is starting a new stage in business. The new concept refers to raising the level of service and creating new recipes, adapted to the fertile local area, and yet prepared according to world standards.

The chef of the G.IMI restaurant, Nebojsa Topalovic, is inspired by local, seasonal and, above all, autochthonous ingredients, and he combines them with a modern way of preparing food, using the most famous French techniques, and we are especially proud of that. In addition to the special emphasis on local foods, G.IMI has also formed a part of the menu based on international dishes.

For the complete enjoyment of all the senses of our guests, for which an important part of our team is in charge, is the main sommelier, as well as the director, Darko Kalaba. Darko carefully chose wines in accordance with the vintages and regions of Serbia, as well as in relation to the G.IMI food offer.

Food is what you will come for, and the complete atmosphere for all the senses is what you will remember and what will bring you back to our restaurant.

Welcome to the G.IMI world, the world of the gastronomic game of the senses of smell and taste.



Unique flavors that only our kitchen serves.