The G.IMI restaurant is conceived as a modern catering facility that strives to provide more than the usual gastronomic experience.
The capacity of our restaurant is about 210 seats, of which 150 seats (garden) and about 60 seats in the interior of the restaurant.

Our mission is to be the best restaurant in Novi Sad that will differ from others in the quality of service, originality of the offer, presentation of food and other facilities offered to guests as a different type of animation. In order to achieve that, we need you to take care of all the details together and respect all the requests and wishes of our guests.

Restaurant G.IMI strives to be a place where everyone feels good and comfortable, a place to meet friends, business associates and family. By the way we work, we have to show how important our guests are to us, to appreciate and understand them and that we care about them.

G.IMI strives to be a restaurant that offers guests an experience and creates a sense of belonging. We want guests with whom we share the same taste, who identify with our choice, guests who are simply part of our story.

We chose the concept of an open kitchen to provide guests with animation, show them that our sanitary measures are at a high level, that we are a well-coordinated team that knows what it does and that we use only the highest quality fresh ingredients in preparing meals.

Along with each dish, we also offer a good selection of wines, specially selected to create a complete gastronomic experience. In the wine list we offer over 150 wines from famous world regions. We want to improve the wine culture in the environment in which we operate by educating our guests by educating our employees, and organizing wine tours to the most esteemed regions of the world for loyal lovers of top wines.


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